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Sketchy sketch of Koto in the outift in Rabbit.

May or may not be just me, but I immediately thought of kyousougiga when watching the video. Probably won’t finish it, but hey, you never know. I drew er with the ears in the video because pointed ears are much more fun to draw



draw me like one of your french girls

I have done it.

I have drawn you like one of my French girls in all your slothy glory.


I finally unlocked the Garden Shop and I just really love Leif, but there’s not enough fanart of him.

Doodled a little Yan he




Doodled some ‘mons. 

A sketch I did for my sidebar (which will be updated soon)

A sketch I did of my shiny spheal (although you can’t tell in this picture) and my lvl 98 Sceptile on my Pokemon Sapphire game! It was my first playthrough that I got these two, but I’ve since restarted, sadly.

Funny story: I was only about 7 or 8 when I started playing, so I had no clue what was going on when I encountered the shiny spheal, but I did know it was different, so I caught it. I ran into yet another shiny spheal in the same week, but since I already had one I ran away from it. I had no clue about shinies back then!

A quick doodle inspired by this video.

(also, I’m watching the sloth tag for reposts >:c)


Anonymous whispered: hey, would it be alright to use the anton pixel on my blog as long as i credited you?

Yup, yup! Everyone, if you want to use my art on your blog, please credit me!

Thought I’d post some older art of mine. I made it sometime in the first semester of this school year. Anton Herzen from Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box!

I plan on making a Crona similar to this style. I’ve been trying to find my own pixel art style for a while, now.

Please do not repost anywhere else, at all.

It’s finally finished!!! I’m new to soul eater, and Crona so far is my favorite character. uvu Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeaaasse do NOT repost anywhere else!

Texture credit

Marshbat splice from thatsplicingadventure!

Sorry if the blending in the shading seems weird, I used Photoshop for this, and I’m not too familiar with it.